Service Values and Behaviours


Our purpose is to elevate the ordinary moments, so that together, we can serve a more conscious experience.

A businesses values and behaviours form a strong foundation to support a thriving service culture. Employees recognise what is important and know how great service looks in action.

Service Values and Behaviours is a formative workshop that gives people insights to service values and how these values affect our actions, our decision-making and how we handle situations.

In a service environment, values and behaviours can be the obvious missing link in creating a more consistent service culture.

Learn how to make your purpose, service values and behaviours more real for your employees, suppliers and customers … take them off the wall and really use them—live them


I was unsure at first about purchasing this program for my team as some training services can be unengaging or too structured. But after hearing strong recommendations about the Service Habits program and the team from people in my network, I took the chance. Best thing about it was that the team tailored the course to our needs and shaped it further over the 8 weeks having seen how the team responded to the previous sessions.

The team adapted the course to suit my goals for the team in the new year and these sessions helped build a stronger connection amongst my team members. I would recommend this program to anyone who treats their team as their #1 asset, and especially to leaders who want the best out of their team, to have them think differently and to have them become leaders within their organisation.


Managing Director, Octopus Investments



Our retail training sessions have provided our staff with the tools to take their outlets forward, my staff have a new spring in their step and are motivated, engaged and working towards the strategic changes and goals we needed to make as a business. Our staff has learned about new customer service skills, market and retail trends and today’s customer expectations. They are working as a team in a more efficient way. We are already seeing change; we still have a long way to go but I feel now that we can fulfill the dream.

Retail Operations Coordinator, William Angliss


From a service perspective our organisation had been reasonably static over the last few years, during a period of supply chain disruption from multiple merger and acquisition integrations.

A level of frustration had developed among our customers and sales teams and we were often caught in a process driven cycle rather than being solution focused.

We needed to change our employee mindsets from “my job is following the rules” to “I have a responsibility to improve what we do and how we do it”.

After seeing Jaquie Scammell (author of Service Habits), deliver a keynote speech at a Future of Leadership conference, I was drawn to explore what that could look like for our organisation – her passion for service has supported our drive to embed a Service Mindset across all functions of the business and we’ve seen a considerable behavioural shift.

The program delivered more than expected and has provided the perfect platform to continue our journey.


General Manager Australia & New Zealand, Teleflex