Service Habits


This program is perfect for frontline employees, sales and customer facing roles, support and specialist roles, and anyone who is part of a business that relies on strong relationships.

Employees will shift mindsets towards owning customer service as part of their role and will give the business a stronger competitive advantage in customer service.

Strengthening Service Habits helps your business draw a line in the sand. Reset expectations of service interactions for every employee and encourage them to take different action.

This is a comprehensive learning experience that provides regular touchpoints where participants will learn, share and connect with the businesses purpose, their community of colleagues and, ultimately, the customer


I am really enjoying this experience because it’s not a course, it’s not a normal workshop, it really is a transformative journey that you apply in both a professional sense and everyday life. The team do an awesome job at keeping us engaged, it really is up to us as individuals and how much we contribute. They give us space and many opportunities to talk, and this is awesome.


Manager, Teleflex


My journey through the Masterclass with you all has been an amazing experience. Not only have I learnt how to guide my team to provide the best customer service possible, but I have also become more self-aware.

This is something I have never done in my life before and during these masterclasses, my eyes were opened to the person that I am. I love this new me and will lead by example for my team. These habits will be a constant in my life going forward and for my team.


Customer Service Manager, Bank Australia


As a busy HR manager with many competing priorities, the Service Habits Program was valuable, practical, and meaningful.It was the perfect reset needed to get smarter at how I am leading and influencing people at work.

Thank you.


HR Director, awpl