About Us

ServiceQ® exists to partner with organisations and help reimagine the future of service

Our Guiding Principles


We are Custodians

We are a trusted team who places humanity in the heart of our work. We bring the belief, instil confidence and provide our clients with an end-to-end world class experience that makes them feel safe, supported and secure on their transformation journey.


We are Bridge Builders

By having courage, building relationships, and creating a clear journey we advance from B to A+. We are creative alchemists of options to get the job done. We demand excellence in everything we do whilst making sure the bridge is built and we deliver on the plan and our promise.


We are Boundary Riders

By being visionaries, thinking outside of the box, balancing the head and heart, we take well-considered risks to get to scale and impact. We seek permission to push the boundaries and live a little on the edge in order to deliver extraordinary outcomes.

Service is simple

A short story from our founder, Jaquie Scammell:

In 2012, I left my corporate career to follow a more intentional and purposeful path. I made a vow to myself: I took on the task of understanding how to first serve myself to better serve others.

I started this business to remind people how simple serving others can be and that service always starts with you. When you feel well, cared for, and valued, you naturally bring this into your relationships with others.

Meet the team

Joanna Stojanovski – ServiceQ GM Operations

Joanna Stojanovski

GM Operations

Joanna takes stakeholder engagement to a whole new level and leads the business programs, operations, commercials and customer service.


Sarah Smith 

Executive Assistant to CEO and Founder Jaquie Scammell and Projects

Sarah’s passion has always been in Customer Service and with her extensive background in this field.
David Scammell – ServiceQ Creative Marketing and Digital Support

David Scammell

Creative Marketing and Digital Support Coordinator

David is always on the hunt to capture great content.


Steve Taylor

Learning and Development Coordinator

Steve’s stakeholder management, project management and program evaluation are his superpowers!

Mohini Devi

Finance Officer


Your world-class facilitators

Taryn Johnston – ServiceQ Senior Facilitator

Taryn Johnston

Senior Facilitator

Taryn is a trusted leadership expert who helps people develop into more effective and dynamic leaders.
Mariam Mousa – ServiceQ Facilitator

Mariam Mousa

Organisational Development Expert

Mariam brings over a decade of Industry expertise as an organisational psychologist.


Jennifer Crescenzo


Jennifer is an Emmy-award winning filmmaker and pioneering educator with a passion for journalism.


Greg Sellar


Greg’s mission is to get people thinking and behaving in ways that lead to greater personal and professional accomplishment. As a speaker, facilitator, trainer and coach, he understands the holistic nature of individual and team performance.


kellee lewis 


Kellee is passionate about people and facilitating transformations to elevate service culture and wellbeing.




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