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Elevate your service culture with programs that will make true and lasting impacts on your leaders and employees and the relationships they have with your customers.

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Organisations today are change fatigued. Leaders and employees are under immense pressure from the modern-day world, and customers are demanding greater value and human connection. With a variety of programs, online and face-to-face, ServiceQ® is sure to have the perfect solution to fit you and your team. Check out our programs by clicking on the images above.

What is a successful customer service culture?

We define a successful customer service culture as one where you:

  • Create connection and solutions for customers
  • Balance the rules with the reality of a situation for a customer
  • Achieve the organisation's efficiency needs while focusing on the emotional needs of the customer

To achieve this, you need highly emotionally and socially intelligent employees who can handle the people stuff in business. The new era of customer service has evolved from transactional needs to relational needs.

The learning outcomes from customer service training program, Service Habits, are evergreen and have no expiry date, suitable for the experienced CEO through to the frontline employee, multiplying your return on investment.

The Evolution of Customer Service