Service Habits


This program creates and embeds organisational cultural change. It is perfect for frontline leaders with teams, senior leaders and executive teams, sales leaders and function area leaders.

Leaders are equipped and skilled at motivating and engaging their teams. Now it’s time to create an overall lift in the service culture and, ultimately, have a stronger customer loyalty impact.

Embedding Service Habits is a premium learning pathway to develop a service culture. It is designed as a series of experiences for the whole workforce— from CEOs to frontline employees— enabling greater consistency in world-class service interactions and giving your business a stronger advantage over your competitors.


Straight away we felt chemistry with the team. Their work has helped us articulate our purpose, bring our brand to life and has seen the implementation of new innovative solutions to drive operational excellence across our sites.


Owner, Gema Group


I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this opportunity, and for someone who already has a passion for service, I found that I was able to learn something new and walked away motivated to incorporate my new insight into my training ideas with my team.

The team's energy and knowledge were very motivational, and I believe we are extremely lucky to be exposed to the team’s mentoring with this program.


Store Manager, awpl


I have been in leadership roles for all my life, right from school captain days to now. I have been sent time and time again to leadership programs and never once has it really stuck like the learning like with ServiceQ.

These sessions educated me (as opposed to validating me). I wanted to learn and grow, and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing gifts you have given me to take to my teams in service.


Store Manager, Melbourne Airport